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"Dolly is the first therapist I had in 26 years who actually explained things to me in a way I could understand and is the first therapist to give me skills I can actually use. If I had Dolly back in my 20's I would have lived a better life. Switching to Dolly was the best decision I have ever made. THANK YOU, DOLLY!!!"


The staff at SHARE has changed my life. They are amazing communicators, always return my calls quickly, they are flexible, and challenge me to do my best. I started therapy to help with grief after the passing of my mother and to finally address life-long anxiety issues. After a few short sessions, I feel like I finally understand my anxiety and now know better skills to control it every day. 


“I thought I was broken but Dolly helped me find that I was allowing my anxiety to hold me back. I'm having a healthier relationship with my body because of her guidance."