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Brianna Walker (She/Her)

As the Director of Operations at SHARE Therapy and Wellness, Brianna brings a wealth of experience in management and advocacy to her role. With a background spanning from emergency response to education, Brianna has honed her skills in conflict resolution, organization, and leadership over the course of her career. Her passion for promoting health, diversity, and education is evident in her tailored approach and her dedication to empowering individuals in demanding environments. Brianna's management experience extends from overseeing large teams of flight attendants to leading classroom instruction, where she prioritized safety, inclusivity, and the cultivation of a supportive learning environment.

With a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of South Florida, Brianna combines her academic knowledge with practical experience to drive positive change. Her commitment to advocacy is exemplified in her past roles as a teacher, where she fostered gender-responsive classrooms and prioritized the well-being and success of her students. Through her role at SHARE Therapy and Wellness, Brianna continues to leverage her management skills and advocacy expertise to support individuals on their wellness journeys and promote a culture of inclusivity and empowerment.


Brianna is always happy to discuss your care. Have feedback or questions about SHARE? Contact Brianna HERE

Direct Office Phone: (727) 241-7555

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