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We love spreading the word about mental healthcare! We are honored by the many journalists who respect our therapists and their knowledge about their specialties enough to interview them for their news stories. Feel free to review some of the news stories we have offered insight on, below. 

If you're interested in featuring or interviewing a SHARE therapist, please email

Interested In A 'Damp Lifestyle'? These 11 Habits Will Get You Started. If you want to drink less alcohol but don't need to go sober, a "damp lifestyle" might be for you. Here’s an article on how to make it happen. Article written by Krissy Brady

Hosts Eileen Lamb and Andrew Komarow speak with Dolly Ferraiuolo. Dolly is a licensed clinical social worker in the state of Florida. She is passionate about helping those with sexual health and wellness issues, anxiety, eating disorders, trauma and grief as an individual on the spectrum herself. Dolly also specializes in intersectional and inclusive autism spectrum disorder evaluations and therapy. Subscribe to "Adulting on the Spectrum" wherever you listen to podcasts.

To note: Adulting on the Spectrum is an Autism Speaks-sponsored podcast. Autism Speaks uses its platform and advertising budget to portray autism and autistic people as mysterious and frightening. Their fundraising tactics increase stigma and create barriers to the inclusion of autistic people in our communities. We do not agree with this organization but use every opportunity we can to educate the community on the unique and real perspectives of Autistic people. 

Navigating Imposter Syndrome when Newly Diagnosed By Lorra Garrick

Do You See Autistic Traits in a Loved One? Speak Up! By Lorra Garrick

Go Solo is an entrepreneurial website that highlights business owners making waves in different industries. Check out Dolly's feature on this site to learn more about her background and what led to SHARE's development in the community.

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