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Group therapy and workshops can be a cost-effective alternative to individual or couples/family therapy and can provide you with more support by connecting you with others who share your experience. SHARE groups occur weekly or bi-weekly depending on the group offered. SHARE also offers 4-week intensive couples workshops that assist with helping couples reconnect and find that "spark" in the relationship again. Contact us today to learn more.  

Upcoming Groups, Workshops, & Classes

LGBTQ+ Support Group: TBD

Couples Workshop: Reigniting Your Passion (4 Week Group): TBD

Women's Support Group: TBD

Kink Positive Support Group: TBD

Taking Control of Your Anxiety: TBD

ASD Support & Skills Group: TBD

Surviving Grief: TBD

Sex Worker Support Group (100% Confidential): TBD

SEX ED (The Right Way) 0-6 YRS: TBD

SEX ED (The Right Way) 7-11 YRS: TBD

SEX ED (The Right Way) 12-15 YRS: TBD

SEX ED (The Right Way) 16-20 YRS: TBD


Florida Sex Education Classes and Workshops