We know taking this step towards mastering your mental health can be hard and scary, but the team here at SHARE is here to answer any question you may have. Review the most commonly asked questions below and contact us today to schedule your free consultation to answer any other questions you may have. We are so excited to work with you soon!

Frequently asked questions

Fees & Insurance

What are your Fees?

We know that the term "self-pay" can be a scary thought, but SHARE of Florida staff will work hard to never turn anyone away due to financial concerns. We will consult with every individual who is willing to take this next step on their journey to recovery. Please review our general pay scale below but always contact us directly to discuss further on a case-by-case basis should the below fees not work for your budget. Individual Therapy (Sliding Scale) 30 mins: $60-$100 45 mins: $80-$125 60 mins: $100-$150 Couples Therapy (Sliding Scale) 45 mins: $100-$150 60 mins: $125-$175 Group Therapy, Workshops, & Classes *Depends on the group. Please inquire at sign-up* Most group session cost about $15 per session, per person enrolled. Fitness and Nutrition Private Consultation (45 mins): $65 Group Fitness & Wellness Classes (45 mins): $15 per person Individual Private Training & Wellness (60 mins): $85 Food Relationship/Nutrition Coaching (45 mins): $65 Diagnostic Evaluations (Sliding Scale) Please contact to discuss details. Price determined on a case-by-case basis. Generally speaking, diagnostic services cost between $100-$150 per hour. *SESSION DISCOUNTS FOR REFERRALS AND MONTHLY PAYMENT OPTIONS AVAILABLE. CONTACT US FOR MORE INFORMATION*

How come you don't accept insurance?

We know it can seem daunting to pay out-of-pocket, but we promise it's for a reason! We are not in-network with any insurance panels for the following reasons: 1. Insurance companies require a diagnosis to receive payment. This often leads to clinicians diagnosing individuals inaccurately and too quickly without a proper evaluation. We do not believe this is ethical and work hard to ensure you are not defined by your diagnosis, should you receive one. 2. Although insurance companies monitor HIPAA requirements, having a diagnosis on file is still a label and can potentially affect how you are treated in certain environments in the future. We don't believe you should be defined by your diagnosis, therefore, all diagnoses you may receive at SHARE of Florida are for you and for you alone to determine how you proceed in life. We know it can be a barrier for some people to not bill through insurance companies. With this said, visit our fee description to see our sliding scale options. Everyone deserves great care and we work hard to never have to turn away any individual due to cost concerns.


Do you work with individuals too or just couples?

We work with everyone! We provide services for individuals, couples, and families, we well as psychoeducations group therapy sessions as needed.

Where do sessions take place?

S.H.A.R.E of Florida takes the health of safety of our clients seriously and we want to make sure we are keeping everyone safe, especially during the times of COVID-19 and beyond. Right now we are providing sessions virtually via the HIPAA compliant platform, Doxy, as well as via telephone (based on your preference). We plan to open our office again this upcoming September depending on percentage of clients who are vaccinated. We will continue to offer virtual options for those who require it due to their schedules even after the office is open again. If you have further questions, please do not hesistate to reach out and we can schedule a time to answer all of your questions. *In-person sessions may be negitiated before September on a case-by-case basis.*

How often do I attend sessions and for how long?

Each client will recieve their own personalized care plan depending on their overall goals and mental health needs. Generally speaking, most clients will attend therapy every other week (twice a month) and will continue with bi-weekly for three months. At that point, goals are reevaluated and sessions may continue or may change to once a month or as needed at that time. Our methods at S.H.A.R.E are solution-focused and strength-based and we find many people do not need more than 5-10 sessions total to resolve their issues and find perminent happiness in the future. We offer flexible 30 min., 45 min., and 60 min. appointment sessions depending on your requests and/or needs. This can be discussed during your free consultation call.

How can therapy help? Aren't people who go to therapy weak?

We know "therapy" can be a taboo word, but it shouldn't be! We don't fault people for going to a cardiologist, so why is it wrong for your to go to someone who can help with your most precious and important organ...your brain!? People who ask for help know when they need it and have the ability to reach out. Everyone needs help now and then. You already have some strengths that you’ve used before, and for whatever reason, they aren’t working right now. Perhaps this problem feels overwhelming and is making it difficult to access your past strengths. Your S.H.A.R.E therapist will help you identify what those strengths are and how to implement them to assist with the struggles you are facing now.

Do you have evening and weekend appointments?

At this time, we do not offer evening or weekend appointments, however, there is always a clinician on-call to assist you should you be struggling outside of office hours. Some clinicians create their own schedules and may schedule evening or weekend sessions depending on your needs. Please communicate with your clinician during your free consultation so see if your preferred time can be negotiated. Please note, if you are in crisis and at risk of hurting yourself or someone else, please call 911, immediately.

What if therapy isn’t working?

Therapy works if you work it. It's truly that simple. If you want to get better, we want to help you achieve that goal and we will help you get there. We do not expect perfection but we do expect you to at least try to work the skills outside of your sessions so you can move towards achieving your overall mental health and wellness goals. At the end of the day, you are the only person in control of your thoughts, feelings, and actions. Are you standing in your own way? Let us help you get where you want to go.

I think I am (or my child is) Autistic. Do you provide ASD evaluations?

Yes! We provide exceptional ASD evaluations to assist you with finding answers and access to accomodations. We know access to inclusive and intersectional evaluations are lacking in the Tampa Bay Area and our focus is to ensure we can break down the common barriers associated with finding a diagnosis. We are self-pay only, however, we offer convenient payment options and a helpful sliding scale for those who qualify. No one will be turned away at SHARE if an ASD evaluation is needed. Contact us today for a free consultation and to learn more.

What type of therapeutic interventions do you use?

Some common interventions we use include, but are not limited to, the following. Keep in mind, every Client's care plan is highly personalized and discussed directly with you so you are on track to accomplish all of your goals together as a team with your therapist. If there is a specifict modality or intervention you are interested in exploring but you do not see listed, contact us today to discuss during your free consultation. Cognitive Behavioral (CBT) Culturally Sensitive Dialectical (DBT) Family Systems Feminist Gottman Method Humanistic Motivational Interviewing Narrative Person-Centered Psychodynamic Solution Focused Brief (SFBT) Strength-Based Trauma-Focused

Do I have to have a sexual issue to receive services from SHARE?

No! SHARE of Florida is divided into two umbrellas. Sexual Health AND Recovery Empowerment. We help any individual or couple who may be experiencing an issue under the "sexual health" umbrella, but we also specialize in all issues related to anxiety, Autism, depression, eating, trauma, grief, and loss. Contact us today for your free consultation to see if SHARE is a good fit for you.

So, do I just talk the whole time?

There is always a place for talk therapy. If you come to your session with something heavy on your mind, you will work with your therapist to help process and feel better, however, SHARE therapists are very direct and solution-focused so be prepared for skill work. We want you to feel better and the way that happens is through tracking progress and working on skills to help you manage your symptoms outside of sessions so you can find perminent and long lasting happiness moving forward. Our goal is to make sure you never have to need another therapist ever again because YOU will have the tools necessary to manage your life appropriately long term.

Nutrition & Wellness

How do I participate in your wellness programs?

Feel free to contact us thought this website or call (727) 755-3018 to inquire about group fitness classes, individual fitness sessions, and private nutrition coaching to assist you on your wellness journey.

Groups & Classes

What therapeutic groups do you offer?

Due to COVID-19, our groups are currently on hold. Please connect with us directly to receive group services one-on-one during this time. Groups to resume in the new year. LGBTQ+ Support Group: TBD Couples Workshop: Reigniting Your Passion (4 Week Group): TBD Women's Support Group: TBD Kink Positive Support Group: TBD Taking Control of Your Anxiety: TBD ASD Support & Skills Group: TBD Surviving Grief: TBD Sex Worker Support Group (100% Confidential): TBD SEX ED (The Right Way) 0-6 YRS: TBD SEX ED (The Right Way) 7-11 YRS: TBD SEX ED (The Right Way) 12-15 YRS: TBD SEX ED (The Right Way) 16-20 YRS: TBD SEX ED (The Right Way) COLLEGE: TBD

How do your sex ed. classes work?

Our sex ed. classes are divided into age groups to ensure education is age-specific, appropriate, and FUN. Feel free to join with your child, send them alone, or attend by yourself to learn how to have "The Talk" with your child directly. Contact us for more information.